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Excess Protect Insurance

With the rise of home burglaries and an increase in car accidents and thefts over winter and Christmas, make sure you have every situation covered with our excess protect insurance. Cover both your home and motor excess in the event of a claim so you are not left out of pocket in this expensive season!

  • Insure Your Motor & Household Excess
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Hassle-Free Instant Cover
  • Cover Up To £3,000
  • Competitive Rates

If you have a claim for your car or household, why pay your excess when you can get it protected? Our excess protection product is designed to cover you up to £3,000 excess (depending on your chosen package) and can be used towards either your car or household should you ever have to submit a claim.

With our packages, you can set the maximum amount that your excess protection policy will pay out. This starts at £250 and goes up to £3,000 cover.

To give you an example, if you have a claim that requires £600 of repair work and you have an insurance policy with a £200 excess, your insurance would pay out the £600 and you would pay your £200 excess to the insurer. Then, your additional excess protection cover would refund the £200 excess you had to pay, so essentially you would pay nothing towards the repairs!

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