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As some of our clients and followers may be aware, we have rebranded Invicta and given our company a shiny new look.

These changes include our emails, signatures, social media platforms, website, branding and marketing. Find out more on how we have approached these changes and take a look at the behind the scenes stages of development.

Keep in Touch

We are in the process of changing our website and domains to make it easier for us to keep in touch. At Invicta, we would like to keep you updated with our discounts and promotions and our product enhancements based on your current policy. 

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For more information on the changes that we have made, please read on for the full article.


New Emails

Have you ever been through the pain when our advisors have had to spell out our long winded email address? The struggle is now over. We have recently changed our domain from to – much simpler!

That’s not all, we have also removed our staff last names from our addresses meaning it is now as simple as Why not try it out? If you are looking for a quote, please email the new address at!

Email Signature

With the new addresses in place, this meant a change in signature text was required. We couldn’t just leave it as the old signature with our old details, so we have now changed and improved our signature to match our new branding. Keep an eye out for our new email footers when you receive an email from us.

Social Media


We like to keep everything uniform across our branding so we have introduced a new banner to our page that contains our ‘Product Icons’ that are featured across all of our social platforms. Check out our new services tab on Facebook that gives you an insight into the products we offer.

Our Facebook page has also been linked to Twitter so you can now view our tweets without having to leave the Facebook page! Find this on our ‘Twitter’ tab at the side of the page.


Similar to the changes made to our Facebook site, we have used our new banner image with service icons. In regards to our posts, we now use an updated branding method to include insurance vectors, videos, articles, voting polls and retweeted posts.

We are keen to stay active and relevant on our social media platforms so we aim to post 3-4 times per week! Make sure you don’t miss our post updates and watch out for our insurance related deals and promotions.


Although our LinkedIn still looks the same as it ever has, that doesn’t mean we haven’t got anything planned! Out of all our social media platforms, this is due to be the biggest project of them all. Our plans are to link aspects of our website with our company profile as well as introducing our full workforce to the platform.


This is something new to look out for. With the impending launch of our new and improved website, we are releasing our first ever YouTube video to the internet giving you an insight into the sectors within our business led by our very own department managers. We aim to release new videos monthly covering all areas of insurance, making sure you get the right cover and right advice for the right price.


Our new upcoming website contains many new features and buttons to help you find the right insurance, maintain your policy and give you top guidance at a very simple click of a button.

We have now incorporated our e-broker click and quote site into the new website to help you get a quick quote and cover in place in less than 10 minutes. Our ‘one page’ style homepage is designed for you to be able to navigate all pages and content much easier than before. These sections include Get a Quote, About, Services, Videos, Facts, Testimonials, Team, FAQ’s, News and Contact. Keep updated on the big move Here.


You may have previously received or seen our Products & Services leaflet, advertisements and business cards. We have taken on board all feedback regarding the design and content on our published materials and we have rebranded everything to keep with the new Invicta theme and recently added products.