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Home Insurance at Christmas

Whether you’re staying in or going out, make sure your home insurance covers your personal belongings during the festive season. Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for burglars, with home insurance claims on the rise dramatically.

Home insurance advice from Invicta

Use your security

Christmas is one of the busiest times of year for burglars, with a sharp increase in home insurance claims in January, following thefts over the Christmas period.

Is your home empty this Christmas? The festive period is a busy time and no doubt you will be out and about at Christmas parties and events, not forgetting all that shopping and spending time with friends and relatives.

The evenings draw in much earlier at this time of year and longer nights are a perfect time for opportunistic burglars to strike.

If your home is left empty during the festive season, reduce your chance of becoming victim to a Christmas burglary by switching on outside lights. Aswell lit property will deter burglars and importantly ensure windows and doors are secure and all locks are in operation.

Don’t advertise your valuables

If you’ve bought lavish presents ready for Christmas, then the best way to protect them is to keep them out of sight. If an opportunist can see presents under your Christmas tree, then this could suggest that you have those and other items worth stealing. The safest option is to keep them hidden away until closer to Christmas.

Equally if you are lucky enough to have been bought something nice, be sure to properly dispose of any packaging to, break it down and bag it up, don’t just leave it for collection; it is easy to inadvertently advertise your valuables to potential thieves.

Christmas fires are all too common

Christmas often means a Christmas tree, decorations and fairy lights, but do not overload plug points with too many lights. Check your lights meet the European Safety standards and ensure that they are switched off, when you leave the property or retire for the night.

Remember, Christmas trees and decorations that are left too close to fireplaces, candles or heaters are a fire hazard and can easily catch fire.

Be aware of Christmas accidents

The combination of high spirits, full houses, expensive presents, excitable pets and restless children can become a recipe for disaster, with accidents leading to thousands of pounds of damage.

Thankfully your home insurance can provide cover for unforeseen mishaps, minimizing the impact of any damage or loss that occurs at home. Take extra care during the busy festive season and ensure that your insurance includes cover for accidental damage.

Check your insurance cover

December and January are always good times of the year to check that you’re fully covered by your home insurance policy. We recommend:

•  That you check that your contents cover is sufficient to cover the value of any new expensive gifts, although most policies do give an uplift in cover at Christmas.

•  Find out what level of cover your policy offers when it comes to things like thefts, burst pipes and winter weather such as snow and freezing temperatures.

•  Ensure your policy provides protection for accidental damage.

•  Find out how long you can leave your home unoccupied if you are planning to go away for the festive period.

It is easier to resolve an issue with your cover before a loss has occurred. So feel free to contact us if you wish to make any amendments to your cover. We wish you all a happy and safe Christmas celebration and a prosperous New Year.

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