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Employee Spotlight

At Invicta, customer service is a priority. We always strive to offer a pleasant and helpful service but how much do you know about the experts who make up the Invicta team? In this article, we introduce you to a member of the Invicta staff who helps provide our customers with a quality and courteous service on a daily basis.

Since this is the festive issue of the year, we have added a twist to our employee’s favourites giving it a seasonal touch to fit the time of the year. In this issue we are featuring one of our new Apprentice Customer Service Advisor, Jodie-Mae Gaywood.

Jodie-Mae Gaywood

Having lived in Orpington for the last 15 years I found myself in a situation where I needed to move home. It was at the time of this new start that I decided I needed to find myself a new career too.

I’d been working in the retail industry, most recently at the London EIC Store which was a tea & coffee makers with only 5 branches worldwide. Whilst this work was unusual and fun I felt I needed a new challenge and a career that offered quality prospects for my future.

A friend of mine (Jaide) who is also an employee at Invicta informed me of a vacancy within the Personal Lines department. Insurance wasn’t an industry I had been involved in before but it sounded really interesting and fulfilling so I was keen to apply. Soon after, I started the position on the 6th November 2017.

My main hobby and passion is football and I am proud to play for the Crystal Palace ladies development team. My preferred position is midfield, I have been at Crystal Palace for the last 9 seasons and hope to make it many more!

Seasonal Favourites

Favourite part of Christmas: Food

Favourite Christmas Film: The Grinch

Favourite Christmas Song: Jingle Bells

What’s the most essential ingredient of Christmas dinner? Yorkshire pudding

What do you want to find in your Christmas stocking? Chocolate Buttons

Favourite Panto: Snow white

Best Christmas Cracker Joke: Why was Santa’s little helper feeling depressed?

–    Because he had low elf esteem.

Favourite Festive Drink: Rose Wine

“In such a short time I’ve really been made to feel part of the team. I’m currently top of our football predictor league table much to the frustration of many of my die hard footy-mad colleagues!”